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Even the smallest business can present a professional image with the use of clothing that has your business name and/or logo embroidered onto it.

Bee Noticed Promotions is a short-run embroidery provider.
We use commercial-grade 9-colour machines that produce outstanding quality embroidery, and because we have "single head machines" (only stitch one item at a time), we do not require a minimum order of 20 shirts or 100 caps - if you only need/want one item, we will do one item for you.

If you are wanting uniforms for your business, items to promote your business or are part of a sporting team that needs team shirts for the pub after a weekend game, getting your items sorted is super easy.

  1. Choose the item you would like your business name or logo to be embroidered onto:
  2. Provide the logo or wording you would like embroidered onto your item, and we will convert it into a file compatible with our machines for stitching. Simply email it to us at
  3. Advise us of the colours you are currently using or would like to use.

Once you have chosen your items, preferred colours and supplied your details for the decoration, we will:

  1. Identify a number of items that fit your colour and fabric criteria, and you simply choose the one that you like the best.
  2. Provide you with a sample of how your stitching will look for your approval (to make sure you are happy with it before stitching onto your items).
  3. Then we order in your items, decorate them and then deliver them to you.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Denise on 0458 490 008 or email us on


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