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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When Bee Noticed Promotions build your website (Website Development), we automatically build your page using techniques that help to optimise it with search engines.

If however, you already have a website and would like to optimise it so that for key words, it shows up higher in Organic Search Engine Results (the free ones), we are able to help you to "tweak" your page to achieve this.

Prices depend on how much time is required, and factors affecting this include:

  1. How your page is currently constructed?
    Is the structure easy for search engines to crawl, or will it need to be rebuilt?
  2. Does your page have relevant titles and descriptions?
    Are people compelled to click through to your page to investigate further, or would they rather go to your competitor's page?
  3. Have you used relevant images? Are they tagged correctly to show their importance to Search Engines?
  4. Have keywords been highlighted in your text to show Search Engines they are important words describing your goods or services?

As mentioned, prices vary depending on the amount of work required, and this can be spread out over time, if required.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Denise on 0458 490 008 or email us on


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